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Demystifying breast cancer, one step at a time...

You will find links for all sorts of websites here. Hope you find something that helps you!  If you encounter a broken link, please email me. Cut and paste the link into the body of your email. Thanks for helping to keep this site maneuverable! 


Breast Cancer Links (other misc.): Very comprehensive site!


Journal of Clinical Oncology designed for healthcare professionals, this site may be difficult to understand for a lay person (studies)

WebMD general medical website considered to be the "Mother" of breast cancer, her site has easy to understand info & a paid consultation service another physician site. Excellent and easy to follow--lots of GREAT info here (ports etc.)

Breast Cancer - Doctor's Guide to the Internet um, I forgot...LOL

U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center University of Michigan Hospital's website

Providence Hospital and Medical Centers Home Page  a southeast Michigan hospital and expanding cancer center

CancerLinks (all types) good site with lots of info about all types of cancer

Keeping Abreast: Breast Cancer News um, I forgot...LOL

CancerBACUP cancer information and support-including treatment, chemotherapy etc in the UK

Between Us site created by BC survivors whose goal is to provide a "care package" for other survivors.

Breast Cancer - Medscout (sm) informational site

Male Breast Cancer Info Center a site focused on men with breast cancer

Cancer Risk Assessment and Counseling  (genetics) excellent site on BRCA1 & BRCA2, genetic testing etc. Explains things well

Detection & Diag  Nat'l Women's Health Information Center (US Dept of Health & Human Services)

NEW!!!!!          Understanding Your Breast Cancer Pathology Report

NEW!!!!!             How to review your blood test results

NEW!!!!!             Fact Sheet Advanced Breast Cancer Resources

NEW!!!!!           Patient-Centered Guides Breast Cancer This resource center has been created especially for those with metastatic breast cancer -- individuals who have been initially diagnosed with Stage IV cancer or who are facing a recurrence.

NEW!!!!!           Inflammatory Breast Cancer   

NEW!!!!!           Dr. Steve Halls, MD  Risk calculators for breast cancer. Also lots of assorted women's links  

NEW!!!!!           Miraluma Scans  discusses an effective way to see tumors in young, dense breast tissue

NEW!!!!!           Pregnant with Cancer a site for pregnant women with any type of cancer; info & support


Breast reconstruction: some sites have illustrations, some have photos of the results of the different procedures. Please note that not all procedures may be available in your area. Some physicans may be better at one procedure than another--you REALLY need to do your homework in selecting a physician and a procedure!  There may a physical reason why one procedure may be better for you than another--you and your plastic surgeon will have to discuss this. My website is NOT endorsing one procedure over another, nor am I endorsing any physicians who may be listed in these sites.


OncoLink: Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

What are the Most Common Methods of Breast Reconstruction?  Canadian hospital site


The Breast Reconstruction Archives | Introduction

Breast Cancer : Publications

Woman's Guide to Breast Reconstruction Following Breast Cancer Surgery.

Breast Reconstruction (DIEP flap) this is a physician site--some errors but good photos & diagrams

Dept. of Plastic and Rec. Surgery, Malmö, Sweden: THE DIEP FLAP (part 2)  a Swedish site, written in English.  Good photos

MD Anderson

NEW!!!           Breast Restoration examples

NEW!!!           Recon Info great site from the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons with helpful info, photos and diagrams

See also my photos2 page


Lymphedema (lim-fa-DEE-muh): helpful sites explaining what/how the lymph system works (with diagrams)what it is, why every woman with lymph node removal needs to be aware of it, signs/symptoms of lymphedema, discussion of treatment, and how to LIVE with lymphedema


National Lymphedema Network

National Lymphedema Network-Links


List archives at LISTSERV.ACOR.ORG  a lymphedema message board, not just for secondary lymphedema (may get a little "heavy")

eLymphNotes the first e-zine on Lymphedema--good info


NEW!!!!!             LYMPHEDEMA LINKS   University of Pittsburgh site--lots of links here

NEW!!!!!             Discount Surgical Supplies--arm sleeves and gauntlets

NEW!!!!!             LYMPHEDEMA SUPPLIERS  This is an Excel spreadsheet listing many suppliers of compression garments.

Therapist Directory listing of therapists trained in the Klose Norton method of manual lymph drainage

Atlas of the Body - The Lymph System 

Image: Lymphatic system

MedicOnline - Your online medical reference

Human Anatomy Online -

The Lymphatic System Introduction

Circle of Hope Lymphedema Foundation, Inc. provides resources, information


NEW!!!!              Lymphedema Awareness Bracelet & charm!!

See also my lymphedema page


Dealing with children/ Your feelings: helpful sites on how to tell your kids, what to expect with their behavior as you go through treatment etc, and dealing with YOUR feelings.


Children's Reaction to Cancer  an excellent article addressing children of all ages (toddlers to young adult)

NEW!!!!!         Study in communication between parents and children about maternal breast cancer

KidsCope site with links has excellent information for helping kids who have a parent with cancer

KidsKonnected great site with free teddy bears available to kids who have a parent with cancer. Lots of helpful info here!!

Cancer's Psychological Changes- article in Scientific America

WebMD - Body Image Article  great article on body image for women facing cancer


See also my Kids and cancer page


Support Groups  & Uplifting Sites:   


Whether you're looking for a place to refresh your soul, to "lurk" (which means to read posts on message boards but to not post yourself), or just hang around with friends on the message boards--these are the links to check. See also the Personal Cancer Websites listed below!


iVillage breastcancer message board   This fast archiving board is one of the many places you can find online support in the form of a message board.  To find the most current board, click on "current board" after getting to the site. To read posts on the older boards, click on "archives of the board". There is also live chat available several times a week--check the top of the board to find out times. M-W-TH 9pm (Eastern), Tues 11am (eastern). No set topics--we decide when we get there (& usually just yak LOL)

Hyster Sisters Hysterectomy Recovery message board. Very attractive site with loads of info/support for those facing/with a hysterectomy.

BREAST CANCER WALL OF COURAGE  add the name of anyone in your life who has had breast cancer. This wall is very powerful.


NEW!!!!!          Association of Cancer Online Resources (ACOR)  Has many LISTSERV groups you may join, including cancer & fertility, bc supporters, club mets, cancer & sexuality etc. Pick any groups you like and sign up.  All free.

NEW!!!!!          Inflammatory Breast Cancer help page


Personal cancer websites: these are links to sites made by "regular" people and are usually filled with personal stories and/or pictures. To have your own personal site (or another of your favorites) added to these links, please email the link to me.


Breast cancer links  a personal homepage

Sue Friedman's Home Page created by sjfdvm, an iVillage BC board member.Site deals with BRCA issues.

My Cancer Odyssey a personal homepage

iVillage Breast Cancer Bulletin Board Roll Call created by joglaze (iVillage BC board) to help keep track of the bios of all our friends

Abreast in a Boat Survivors in Canada participating in rowing competions

Cincinnati, 2000's Dreambook created by iVillage BC board members to share their first face to face meeting in Cincinnati

The Faces of Breast Cancer puts a face to this disease. Has other links too.

LaMuffin's Breast Cancer Page personal homepage

Mothers supporting daughters with breast cancer (MSDBC) a site for mothers whose daughters have BC

Breast Cancer at 27! personal homepage of a young survivor. Links.

FORCE--Facing Our Risk   Sue Friedman started a nonprofit organization for women at risk of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.

Juliejar's homepage with photos


Pictures of ivillage bc board members


Pictures of some of the ivillage bc board members:


New sites added in 2001:


Breast Cancer -

Let's not whisper about BC let's ROAR  sample letters to send to our government


Generally useful sites: (most are non-cancer related)


Women First  a site devoted to the health of women in midlife; comprehensive site with lots of good stuff

On-line Medical Dictionary

On-Line Dictionary, Internet Encyclopedia, & Almanac

Self-Help Law Center

Professional Mechanics Online Free Car Repair Advice

Governmental site listing Internet Hoaxes helps wade through some of those irritating emails you may get

Urban Legends Reference Pages addresses the breast cancer/antiperspirant non-connection here

MapBlast free printable maps and directions

MapQuest free printable maps and directions

USPS ZIP+4 Code Lookup  free zip code lookups

Weatherbank Gives you reasonably up-to-the-hour weather radar anywhere in the US. To use, click on the link. In your browser (the "address" line), change the web address to YOUR state by changing the "/00mi" (which is Michigan) to YOUR 2 letter state abbreviation and click "enter" on your computer (ex. if you're in Florida, that part should read /00fl )

United States Radar Loop

National Warnings Area find current weather warnings in the US from the National Weather Service

The Universal Currency Converter(tm) find the exchange rate to/from any currency in the world

Telephone Directories on the Web worldwide telephone directories, Yellow Pages, White pages listed in English through this link

Unsolicited Mail, Telemarketing and EMail: Where To Go To "Just Say No"

E-Commerce & the Internet


Search Engines:


Google  Very good at filtering out & narrowing down your searches. Fast, too.

Flip's Search resources  Useful links to worldwide telephone directories, adoptee assistance, genealogy etc.

MiningCo.Com - 37 Search Engines

Dogpile, the Friendly Multi-Engine Search Tool  you'll enjoy seeing "fetch" instead of search LOL

Northern Light Search


Humor/Fun Stuff:

For those of us facing cancer and its treatments, we recognize the value of a well-placed laugh!  You really need to keep or find a sense of humor to get yourself through this. Play some of these mindless games and forget about things for awhile!


Bejeweled another addictive game--lots of fun & appropriate for all ages

3-D Hidden Pictures great site to view hidden pictures and links to create your own--a BLAST!

Marbles          You WILL become addicted to this game of skill. Appropriate for everyone--don't fight over the computer!

The Flying Cow  test your skill at launching a cow onto a target--make it into the Hall of Fame!

PERPETUAL BUBBLEWRAP ahhhhhhhh...the soothing pop of bubblewrap brought to your computer

Virtual internet florist send someone special a virtual bouquet, balloons or animated greeting. Let them know they're appreciated!

wjbgrafx corneal confections exotic patterns are definitely"eye candy"

wjbgrafx cyberToys and ganderCandy java applet collection

Virtual Things to send E-Mail


FakeMail, pranks & gags:

Funky Winkerbean  the poignant cancer journey of a cartoon character

ClassMates.Com  find classmates throughout the country-leave messages for others on the message board

Alumni.NET - Bringing School Friends Together   "        "

High School Alumni- A Web Site For Alumni of US High Schools   "                 "

Planet Alumni   "              "


Marketplace for women: links to online shopping for pampering and finding special items                                                   

NEW!!!!           Donate Mammograms!! Site also has links to the HungerSite, RainForest site and others. A click CAN make a difference!

NEW!!!!           Pink Ribbon Jewelry  more links for other pink ribbon sites soming SOON!!

Sun Precautions: Solumbra sun protective clothing for those of us who are extremely sun sensitive (naturally or due to meds)

Breast Cancer Awareness items in addition to some jewelry, there are tote bags, pink ribbon sun catchers, pink ribbon ornaments etc.

kimowear, cancer treatment clothing, chemo attire, chemo patient attire,

Products including pouches for holding post surgical drains

The Maple collection: discount wig company

Discounts on designer wigs-global delivery

Wig America Company

Large size wigs

Hair Trix by Ace Wigs, the original Wigsite  My own wig was a Hair Trix & I loved it--lots of air holes in the cap & pretty!

Paula Young Wigs

Especially Yours--Wigs for women of color

Mastectomy Bra Salon

Bras and breastforms

Marketplace at has lots of different products--exercise wear, aromatherapy, personal lubricants, also nutritionals--please check with your oncologist before using nutritionals!  They have a GREAT little scent diffuser that plugs into the lighter socket of your car!