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My Fambly Pitchers
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Welcum to my fambly pitcher page!

I pikked this bakgrownd out cuz I LOV TV!!! My absiloot fayvoritt sho is "Jurry Spranger". He is GRATE! I spesshilly liked it wen my cuzzins wer on that wun time and they wuz al fitin and yellin cuz they wanted to dayt my UTHER cuzzin. I think i'm gonna rite a book!

I spect i'll be pootin more fambly pitchers on heer. my fambly is reely shi. i wil hav to fine a sneekee way to tak thir pitchers. they dont like to get thir pitchers took.

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Emma R. Sumpurtyteef lookin skeert

gall durn if i dint look skeert fer this pitcher! i gess i need mor practiss.

i LOVS my hubbind! He kin allways make me laff

i LOVS my hubbind! he kin allways make me laff

my twin sisster Shobee Sumpurtyteef

My sisster wuz allso curst with the fambly eye. but it maks it reely eezee to to tell us apart.

this is sooo funny! my hubbind supprized me with the camra. i dint no he wuz gonna tak my pitcher!

Emma R. Sumpurtyteef, supprized